Good morning (/afternoon/evening, depending on where you are!) Thanks for joining me on this lovely day, a perfect day for reading! Isn’t it always??? So I thank you with all my heart for sparing your time to read my blog.

I come once again with another unboxing 🙂

You probably know the drill by now… first, here’s a preview of everything in the box.

Owlcrate Apr 2022: Peek Behind the Curtain

What’s in the box?

🎭 Fox wax seal kit designed by @paperbackbones and Lady Chubb Letters

Inspired by Once Upon a Broken Heart, this is actually such a cute pattern, also incorporating the visual of Evangeline Fox’s pink hair in the choice of wax colors! Perfect for avid fans of Stephanie Garber and/or the OUABH series. I also ended up liking the book a lot more than Caraval and I’m looking forward to the upcoming sequel, The Ballad of Never After.

🎭 Chocolate éclair flavored coffee by Bones Coffee Co

I actually made a batch of this (about half a bag) in my new Fellow Clara French press and it turned out amazing. It’s a little sweeter and creamy than most so you have to be in the mood for it, but it’s certainly delectable and I’m a little sad that it’s an Owlcrate exclusive so I won’t be able to order more! My mom loved it so much she couldn’t stop exclaiming praises about it!

I am also in love with the details on the packaging, which coincidentally matches my the Barnes & Noble leatherbound edition of The Phantom of the Opera, which inspired this coffee!

🎭 The Night Circus wall clock by No0ne Designs

I actually really loved the intricate design of this and it is certainly a collector’s item for The Night Circus fans, but I ended up selling it because I didn’t need another clock… I’m not a fan of the ticking sound!

🎭 Silicone popcorn holder by Lichen and Limestone

Inspired by Where Dreams Descend, this is a handy silicone popcorn holder. I was very confused when I first opened this, and I don’t really like popcorn so this was meh for me.

🎭 Moulin Rouge mousepad designed by Forensics and Flowers

I don’t remember this quote at all, but I love it! Sounds like I have to rewatch it!

“Outside things may be tragic, but in here we feel it’s magic.”

🎭 Le Cirque des Rêves literary luggage enamel pin by Hey Atlas Creative

Again, inspired by The Night Circus. Owlcrate is pulling out all the stops in this box for The Night Circus fans!

I am always excited when I’ve read the book inspiring the items, I can hardly wait to see what other literary places are in store for the next eight pins!

#4 out of 12 collectible Literary Luggage enamel pins by Owlcrate

At long last, the featured book!

🎭 Hotel Magnifique by Emily J. Taylor 🎭

This doesn’t seem like a read I would have picked out on my own but I’ve consistently heard it is great for fans of both The Night Circus and Caraval and that dreamy scene concocted by the super talented Jemlin C is absolutely making me want to dive right in!

Owlcrate’s signed edition features a glow-in-the-dark teal/pink exclusive cover, a reversible dust jacket with art by Jemlin C, exclusive end pages, an exclusive printed hardcover case, and a letter from the author!

I’m hoping that Owlcrate’s future books will feature many customizations like they’ve done with this edition – the fully printed hardcover case is rare so I was really excited about that!

Owlcrate edition cover vs regular edition cover
Owlcrate curated playlist filled with favorite songs from musicals such as Hamilton, Into the Woods, and The Greatest Showman

As always, thanks for unboxing with me!

Are you an Owlcrate subscriber?

What was your favorite item in this box?

Have you read Hotel Magnifique, and what did you think?

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