COVER REVEAL: Last of the Talons by Sophie Kim (out in September!)

This title wasn’t even on my radar but I’m subscribed to Paste Magazine’s newsletter so I got to see their exclusive cover reveal + excerpt! this looks and sounds sooo good!

In this thrilling and unique fantasy based on Korean legend, a teen assassin has to save her gang’s leader when he gets abducted by a cunning immortal goblin emperor.

In Sunpo, nobody gets out alive.

A year ago, assassin Shin Lina botched a mission and her entire beloved street gang was murdered. Their deaths still weigh heavy on her, and worst of all, she’s now forced to work for the rival gang’s leader, Kalmin. The very man who killed the Talons.

When Kalmin gets abducted for stealing a priceless tapestry, it’s up to Lina to rescue him. If she doesn’t, the gang kills her sister. The job sounds simple—but then she finds out Kalmin scorned the infamous Piper—the magical flute-wielding emperor of an immortal goblin folk that used to rule over humanity. The enigmatic Dokkaebi king isn’t more than a scary campfire tale to Lina—until he shows himself to her, offering a bargain: kill him and Kalmin walks free.

It seems absurd, but she soon realizes that the cunning Piper, grown weary and bored over the centuries, thinks it’s all a fun game. Lina is determined to kill him regardless. But what she doesn’t expect is for his charm to enchant her too…and there’s no happy ending for anyone who falls for the goblin king.

KEY SELLING POINTS (from Edelweiss):

A lush, immersive high fantasy that combines Labyrinth with Six of Crows, but with Korean mythology: Kim’s storytelling is masterful, making it very easy to forget the time when you’re reading.

High demand for Asian fantasy: With the popularity of novels like These Violent Delights, TV shows like Squid Game, and movies like Parasite. There’s hardly any high fantasy about Korean goblins, Dokkaebi, on the US market. 

Romance is swoony, epic, and exactly the kind of escapism that will pull in Sarah Maas’s fans. Readers will love to root for Lina and watch as she descends into darkness over the course of the trilogy. 

Two more books signed up with the author! 
We are committed to breaking this series out in a big way.

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