UNBOXING: Fairyloot February 2018 Twisted Tales

Heeeeeyyy all, a happy Wednesday to you!

And indeed it is.

I got my box this morning (thankfully before I left the house) and got to open it in the car! Not that I waited this late on purpose but I was out all day with my parents…. it was a SUPER nice day out – it was around 77 degrees and it’s wintertime!! – so everyone pretty much played hooky today 😀

Anyway…. here’s an overview of all the items included:


  • EXCLUSIVE Hansel & Gretel-inspired The Witch and the Ginger Bread socks by Fairyloot

I’m not really a fan of socks, simply because my legs aren’t slim… I just like them for #bookstagram pics in which case I use my mom as a model, haha – anyone else do this??! Also not digging the purple color, but oh well, I’m sure my mom will make good use of it for the rest of the winter..

It’s a combination of Himalayan salts, Dead Sea salts, and Epsom salts!


  • “Wolves may lurk in every guise” EXCLUSIVE Ink & Wonder woodmark

I just love the bright red color they opted for – it’s so vivid and beautiful! It’s sure to bring a pop of color to whatever you’re reading.

Hansel & Gretel gingerbread house
Sleeping Beauty spindle
Little Red Riding Hood & The Frog Prince

He’s a little blurred but bottom right, there’s a frog with a little crown sitting atop his head

Snow White & Rapunzel

Bottom left, you can see a bitten apple!

Those are all the fairy tales I’ve noticed/guessed. Fairyloot will reveal the details soon, and I’m so excited to find out if I missed anything!

Did you spot any other fairy tale detail on the mug?? Let me know in the comments!

  • Wick & Fable EXCLUSIVE The Hinterland oakmoss & tea leaves-scented candle, inspired by this month’s featured book


I’m always excited when the candle is any other color besides white 🙂 as for the scent, it seems pretty strong but I have to see if it’s any better when lit up!

  • The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert, signed and EXCLUSIVE hardcover + letter from the author



Honestly, when I looked at spoiler pics, I wasn’t too thrilled about this cover or about any of the other items. But I love the cover – I actually like it better than Owlcrate’s green cover! It has embossed details and the royal blue just looks great with the golden letters!

  • monthly Twisted Tales Fairyscoop + bookmark + reading buddy card #Fairyloot126089 

If you’re my reading buddy, let me know!

Overall, I loved it, as always! I can hardly wait for next month’s anniversary box – make sure you grab one when you have a chance!

And if you have a chance, please send some love to my unboxing post on Instagram too! Thank you!

What did you think of this box?

What are some of your favorite fairy tales? 

Sincerely Peachy (1)

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