WWW Wednesday 05/02/2018

Oh, hey, it’s May!! Well, it’s still me, Peachy, but……… you know where I’m going with this.

Anyway, I expect to be seriously busy the coming few weeks, maybe for the next couple of months. So I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to blog – if I’m doing it correctly, I shouldn’t be blogging at all LOL.

In fact, this one’s a scheduled post, so yeah, I’m pretty much going to try to lock myself out of my WordPress site for a while 😦 T_T

I’ll have a couple of updates here and there…. most likely, but here’s my last one for a while.

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What are you currently reading?


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I’m really enjoying this one. Bob Goff is so funny! And it’s full of wisdom! I really recommend it 😀 My dad is actually reading this as well, and he’s a little bit ahead of me, and it irks me just a little bit because I can see him laughing and my mom has read it already so they talk about it, especially the funny parts, and I have to cover my ears because SPOILERS!

What did you recently finish reading?


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Before you get all impressed (or horrified, it depends), no I didn’t read the entire book. I read a couple of stories recommended by one of my favorite friends! The first one is The Pit and the Pendulum – which was okay, I guess. At least it’s a little refresher on the Spanish Inquisition.. and I have to say the end was a little bit unpredictable, for me. I’m not even convinced the narrator was all that reliable (maybe that’s the point?) The second story I read was The Tell-Tale Heart, which I have to say I enjoyed much more than the first one. I love the irony and the dual symbolisms! Well done, Poe, well done.


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I’ve been ruled by fear for far too long now. I refuse to bow down any longer.

Although I haven’t gotten to writing my review yet, I really really enjoyed this. There’s just a certain quality to Kayla’s writing that I appreciated since The Sandcastle Empire and I think it’s showcased in this. I’m so honored I got to read an advance copy of this, and I can hardly wait to chat about it once more people got to read it. It’s such a fun scifi / survival / mystery / suspense / thriller  read – and I so wish it was longer!


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Yes, the past is a foreign country, but some of us are full-fledged citizens, others occasional tourists, and some floating itinerants, aching to get out yet always aching to return.

My words won’t be enough to praise Andre Aciman’s prose in any adequate way. I’m sitting here, having to stop myself from just going ahead and clicking that Submit! button, the last step to buy his other two novels: Eight White Nights and Harvard Square (I mean, they’re already in my cart!!!) But I really need to focus right now and the last thing I need is another bingeworthy read. It’s TORTURE.


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I just finished reading this literally just a few minutes ago (as I’m writing this)! As expected, I enjoyed it much more than The Upside of Unrequited and Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda – it’s all probably because of all the Broadway references and other crazy fandom stuff. I mean, now I’m into Hamilton (because of this book!!) and it makes me just want to fly to New York right this second. Oh, and also, the title is a reference to Dear Evan Hansen‘s track, Only Us 😉 So happy I got an ARC!!!!

And also, I’m going to try (and probably, fail) to NOT listen to the entire 142 min and 13 seconds of Hamilton‘s soundtrack.

What do you think you’ll read next?


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I think, this? It sounds good. And as you can see, I’m still on my contemporary roll, LOL. Also, this one isn’t out till December so you know, I feel special 😉


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Been slowly trudging through Brothers Karamazov (also by Dostoyevsky) but it’s a little bit harder to get into – considering I’m only getting back into classics again. But I really want a Russian classic, so my friend suggested I start with Crime and Punishment instead. I’ll eventually get back to Brothers Karamazov, and will keep my bookmark – I like where the story is going, it’s just a little hard to transition into when I’m reading lots of YA contemporaries!

And that’s what’s up with my reading life lately! Thanks for reading!

Been reading anything interesting lately?

Are you excited to read any book/s in particular?

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