UNBOXING: Fairyloot March 2022 Adult Book-Only Box – DARK ACADEMIA 🥂🕰


I was so happy that I got to be one of the first subscribers of Fairyloot’s new book-only Adult box. Every month, they will feature a traditionally published book in the Adult genre with a certain theme (which is pre-announced usually one to two months beforehand. Their first ever theme for this box is DARK ACADEMIA, which I didn’t know was a certain sub-genre within the fiction/literary community. Hearing it for the first time – I already know it’s my cup of tea!

original US/UK hardcover

The customizations are simpler than I expected but I’m still very happy with it!

I also love that the box kind of matches the themes of the cover. I’m just wondering if the box will be different every month!

you can see the box’s design more fully here…
the author’s digital signature

My favorite part are the beautiful character endpapers by @lizzart_zardonicz

I’m also very happy with Fairyloot’s decision to switch to cream/ivory – if I end up not being able to get a matching edition later on, I think this should match the cover of the upcoming sequel, The Atlas Paradox.

Inside the book, there are also additional character illustrations that are also in the regular editions.

foil embossing
digitally sprayed edges

I did finish the book and devoured it. It’s a 10/10 for me and I hope to post a full review soon!

It’s already April, and I’m not expecting to love April’s book as much as I loved this one but I’m really excited for it anyway!!

Thanks for reading!

Are you familiar with Fairyloot?

Have you read The Atlas Six? Or are you interested in checking it out?

What other Dark Academia reads would you recommend?

7 thoughts on “UNBOXING: Fairyloot March 2022 Adult Book-Only Box – DARK ACADEMIA 🥂🕰

        1. 😂‼️ 🎯 Nico is my favorite and I 100% want him and Libby to be endgame. Everyone else should be a detour, they’re each other’s destination. I will be VERY disappointed if this won’t be the case.

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