UNBOXING: Illumicrate March 2022 – A LIFE OF ITS OWN πŸšͺπŸ₯€

Hello readers! I’m back again with yet another unboxing! I promise I’m planning on posting something other than unboxings too, but I have to admit, I have a lot of fun taking pics and sharing them with you all.

Today, I bring you another book box I’m currently subscribed to. Illumicrate is definitely one of my favorites because they have great collectibles and their book customizations are usually so on point, especially when they do a redesign of the cover.

Here’s a little preview of everything inside this box, sorry most of the items are out of focus 🫀

Illumicrate Mar 2022: A Life of Its Own

And now let’s zoom in on each item…


πŸ₯€ We Do Bones mug by @rosiethorns88

Inspired by Gideon the Ninth, this mug though not my style is still exquisitely designed and produced with quality in mind as always. I’ve gotten a few of these mugs and I always appreciate the titles and the beautiful matching sturdy storage box. For those who loves the book – especially with another installment of the series, Nona the Ninth coming out later this year – this one is a true collectible!

πŸ₯€ Deathless cushion cover with artwork by Kelly Chong/@afterblossom_art and designed by @chattynora

I’ve never read Deathless but after seeing this TRULY STUNNING pillowcase and that quote on the back, I really really am so curious. I’m a little sad that there aren’t any beautiful editions out there (if you know of any, please comment below because I must have missed it during my search – I’m still hoping Illumicrate will release an exclusive edition one of these days).

I really really am so stunned with the Grishaverse vibe of this piece and also the fact that it is definitely inspired by Kylo Ren – I did catch on to this and thought it was a coincidence until I visited the artist’s page and found her MANY other works inspired by Kylo Ren…. I’m not complaining.

πŸ₯€ Murderbot tech case with artwork by Cade/@heyatlascreative

Here’s another item inspired by a work that I’ve never read, but I think that’s pretty cool that Illumicrate features lesser known fandoms for variety. I think this one is a graphic novel so it’s not really up my alley but I’m sure someone is really happy to have received it in this box.

πŸ₯€Howl’s Moving Castle motel keyring with artwork by @blissfullybookish

I just recently became a fan of Howl after watching it and falling in love with Christian Bale’s voice acting, so I’m really excited to get an item inspired by it. I still want to read the book though and have been eyeing the Folio Society edition. I love the enamel-like texture of this, too, but I probably won’t be using it as a keychain because I’m afraid it will get all scratched up.

πŸ₯€ Owl in the Wall notepad with artwork by Daphna Sebbane

Owls are one of my favorite creatures and I collect owl items so I was certainly excited to get this beautifully designed chunky notepad inspired by Other Words for Smoke!

And last but not least… the featured book!

πŸ₯€Gallant by V.E. SchwabπŸ₯€

  • redesigned cover
  • foil embossing on the hardback
  • artwork endpapers by Rachel Bostick
  • digitally printed edges

I was a little underwhelmed with this, but only because I already have 2 other signed editions – one US signed first edition from Barnes & Noble and the other one with similar but red edges by Waterstones. I also like the endpapers of my Waterstones edition better. Although I think Illumicrate did a great job with the multicolored edges and I honestly prefer these edges to the red edges of the Waterstones edition.

I’m planning to read this soon and hoping to post a review here, eventually!

And that’s a wrap, thanks again for unboxing with me!

Here is a comprehensive list linked to Amazon* of all the titles mentioned in this post:

*As an Amazon Associate, I get a mini % of sales price every time you use my link to make a purchase. Thank you! ^_^

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