UNBOXING: Fabled Merch February 2020 INTERSTELLAR SQUAD (The Illuminae Files and Aurora Rising)

After several months of delay and waiiiiiitttinnnng, at loooooong last, here is the DELUXE INTERSTELLAR SQUAD box.

The Illuminae Files and Aurora Rising most definitely occupy a very special place in my universe, so I had no second thoughts on whether to get this box or not. And now that it’s here, I’m even more glad I did.

Without further ado…

First, here’s a preview of everything in the box:

Squad 312 & <Error> 4 oz candles by Wick and Fable

  • <Error> is blood orange and tart citrus – I think it has a very clean, manly scent
  • Squad 312 is frosted juniper – it smells like milk chocolate, like dessert!

Heimdall & Aurora Academy 2 oz candles by Wick and Fable

  • Heimdall has a very strong jasmine scent!
  • Aurora Academy has a rosy hue and is cherry and lime. Yum!

LED Light Up Box designed by Stella Bookish Art

By far my favorite out of all the lovely items. It’s nothing like I’ve received in a box before and something I can’t just easily buy somewhere. It’s sort of a wooden frame that stands up by itself but also comes with a hook so you can hang it on the wall. Lit up or not, it looks marvelous and pictures can’t do it justice! Stella’s designs never fail to amaze me.

3D Hollow Bookmark by Jennifer Hawkyard @jezhawk

Pillowcase designed by Azura Arts

I love that it’s double-sided!

The Illuminae Files Character Portraits

I like Rhys and Asha’s portraits the best!

Aurora Rising Print by Dri @_saintdri

The other side is actually the same as Stella’s art on the pillow. And the other is of Auri and Kal. I’m not a super fan of this ship, because I was hoping it was going to be Tyler and Auri or at least a love triangle (one of my favorite YA tropes). I just lost interest when they started liking each other and it felt like end game.

The Illuminae Files & Aurora Rising enamel pins designed by @jezhawk

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for unboxing with me!

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