BOOK REVIEW: A Soul Full of Stars by Bree Lauren

He’s almost begging her when he says, “It’s your soul I want.”   That scene makes a lot more sense to me now than it did before. I’ve never met a soul that I was so desperate to know. Until now.

Synopsis: Sonnet Cole wants nothing less than absolute poetic devastation at the hands of a broken heart. After all, how else will she know that hers is beating? There is one very important thing missing from Sonnet’s life, though. She’s never been in love. More importantly, she’s never had a broken heart, and that’s what she craves most as a poet and as a human being. And what better way to confirm that she is alive than to have her heart ripped from her chest? But when Sonnet finally gets what she wants, well, we all know how that is going to end. Or do we?

Published August 22, 2017 (self-published by the author)

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Themes: first love, best friends, rockstar, music, poetry, soulmates

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First and foremost, congratulations to one of my favorite book bloggers, Bree, for publishing her first book! I picked up the book because Bree definitely knows romance novels (don’t let me just tell you, head on over to her blog to see for yourself!!) and I now know she DEFINITELY can write them, too. Also, can we take a moment to admire that BEAUTIFUL cover? It’s so poetic.

This is a super belated review – I’m so sorry, Bree!! – because of my book-blogging hiatus, but to make up for it, this also comes with an EXCLUSIVE interview with the author (WARNING: may have SPOILERS).

Without further ado… here goes my review.

What I loved most of all in A Soul Full of Stars is the friendship between Sonnie, Vaughn, and Connor – it’s equal parts sweet, hilarious, and admirable. It’s the kind of love story you don’t expect to find, but end up loving even more than the main one you came for. The scenes between the trio are the ones I found myself enjoying the most, ranging from laugh-out-loud funny to so sweet you feel protective of them. It’s a friendship that’s so organic, it leaps off the pages – it took no time at all for me to think of them as people instead of simply characters.

Vaughn clapped me on the shoulder and said, “You still are, but thanks for whoring yourself out for food tonight, Sonnie. I knew we kept you around for something.

One of the elements in the novel that I particularly enjoyed were the poetic sexts. It’s probably the single element that helped me read into Sonnie a little more, because they’re so intimate but at the same time, they’re so open and vulnerable. I think I appreciated how the poems were both subtle and intense. And also, I just generally love well-written poems – and these ones, are WELL-WRITTEN.

Above me, you are the moon to my tide, the shore to my trembling waves, coursing through my veins with each ebb and flow. Break against me, inside me, like the crash of sea on rock.

This review won’t be complete without any mention of music. I’ve rediscovered songs I love but also discovered new songs. Brendon Urie (who primarily inspires Hunter’s character – read the FULL INTERVIEW!) is a gem who I didn’t know existed until this book, which is why I was so excited when Taylor Swift first released her song ME! featuring Brendon. When I saw him in the music video of ME! I fell in love. One of my favorite scenes is probably when Hunter plays “Fix You” for Lyra, and what he said after.

All I can tell you is this: right now, how you are feeling in this moment and the next few weeks, is the worst it will get, but that just means that later, if you give it some time and let yourself feel what you’re feeling, it will actually get better. So much better. And maybe… maybe you’ll find someone a thousand times better than that person you lost. Someone you’d be willing to risk it all for, someone you’d wait months and months for, when you thought you’d never feel that way again.

Lastly, it’s worth reading through the development of Sonnie and Hunter’s relationship. It’s predictable, but that’s what make their slow-burn romance so enticing – that you know the destination but you don’t know when or how they’ll get there. It’s worth witnessing how much they fit together, but also how much work it still takes to stay that way.

So if you’re looking for your next romance read – I think you’ve found it 🙂

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