COVER REVEAL: King of Fools by Amanda Foody

Oh, hi there! So, apparently, I totally missed the memo about the cover reveal for Amanda Foody’s King of Fools – book 2 of The Shadow Game series, and immediately following one of my most impressive fantasy reads for the year (probably) – Ace of Shades. And speaking of… you can go head over to my review of Ace of Shades so we can fangirl together and we can both be excited and can voluntarily torture ourselves as we wait for King of Fools. 

Ummm… is it April yet? Oh right, 2018 isn’t even ooovvver yet. Right, we can’t skip Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Here’s the original cover reveal that was hosted by Sasha over on Instagram, so check out her feed – it’s stunnnnniing (for fans of Outlander‘s Jamie, you’ll see Sam Heughan featured on her feed ;)! ) Well… if that’s not encouragement enough, I don’t know what is.

Back to the cover, I love the bluuuee, and of course, the pinstripe backdrop! I can totally see Levi wearing this kind of suit (ooohh, was that a double entendre?)


P.S. Here’s a handy link for ya!


What did YOU think of the cover?

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