BOOK REVIEW: Thomas Paine and the Dangerous Word by Sarah Jane Marsh (Illustrated by Ed Fotheringham)


Thomas Paine & the Dangerous Word

DISCLAIMER: I received a review copy of this book through participation in the blog tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours

So, finally got my review copy a couple of days ago, and even though it’s kind of late, I’d like to share my review!

History is NOT at all my strong suit – I’ve managed to memorize a number of facts and figures enough to excel back in my high school and college days but I can barely recall anything by heart. So… Thomas Paine who?

After reading this book though, I can honestly say that Thomas Paine has made his mark not only in history, but now in my mind as well.

Words became a gateway to possibility.

Sarah Jane Marsh definitely understands the power of words and she puts it to great use. Paired with Ed Fotheringham’s excellent and vivid illustrations, Sarah’s well-researched narrative is brought to life, and makes for a perfect read for children and adults alike! How I wish history textbooks are half as stimulating as Thomas Paine & the Dangerous Word. I’ll probably check out the research materials she referenced in the back, because I’m now very interested to learn more about Thomas Paine.

Still, the resilient Thomas could see the bright side.

I’m so excited for Sarah’s next book (set to come out in 2020) – Most Wanted: John Hancock and Samuel Adams. 

In America, his words made a difference.

Thomas Paine & the Dangerous Word (1)

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As always, thanks for stopping by!

Also, let me know your thoughts about learning history through picture books…

And if you’ve read Thomas Paine & the Dangerous Word, I’d love to know what you think!

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