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Was not specifically tagged for this but saw Kelly’s post over at Just Another Book in the Wall, and thought it might be fun – so thanks Kelly!

Find a Book on Your Shelves or E-Reader With a Blue Cover | What Made You Want to Pick Up This Book?


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I’ve already read this, and it’s is actually one of my favorite classic novel of all time! What made me want to pick it up? Well, just look at it!! I have this exact Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics edition and every time I pass by my bookshelf, I can’t help but glance at and marvel at its beauty ❤ the cover makes me want to swoon as much as the Count of Monte Cristo.

Think of a Book You Didn’t Expect To Enjoy, But Did | Why Did You Read It in the First Place?


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Rarely do I pick up nonfiction reads anymore (because you know, escapism) so when one of my friends chose this to read for our book club, let me just say it didn’t exactly excite me. But Gerda Weissman Klein is such a powerful writer – All But My Life still remains as one of those unforgettable reads for me.

Here’s an excerpt from the review I wrote about it:

A heartrending tale that captures you with its first paragraph,  All But My Life, is written with such crisp and sharp visuals, making it seem that it was written precisely during the moments when the writer suffered and eventually survived the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Stand In Front Of Your Bookshelf With Your Eyes Closed And Pick a Book At Random | How Did You Discover This Book


I have never read this, but I collect classics which I’m convinced eventually I’m going to read. I’m not exactly sure anymore but I believe I discovered this by doing a Google search for Must-Read Classics before you die…

Pick a Book That Someone Personally Recommended To You | What Did You Think Of It?


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A former professor of mine, who is now my friend, brought this to one of our book club meetings and let me borrow it 🙂 Overall, I really really loved it. Despite being such a quick read, it’s endless in wisdom and emotions and I highly recommend it!

Check out my full review here <<<<<

Pick A Book You Discovered Through Booktube/Book Blogs


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Saw this first through a Fairyloot unboxing, and I’ve already read Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but Piera Forde’s review/vlog on YouTube is what actually convinced me to read it! And she’s right, I loved it! Muse of Nightmares is actually one of my most anticipated reads for 2018!

Find A Book On Your Shelves With A One Word Title | What Drew You To This Book?


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Got this in December’s Fairyloot Oh! So Regal – so that’s that. I enjoyed it, and the premise was super interesting and it immediately reminded me of Justin Timberlake’s movie, In Timebut I didn’t quite connect with any of the characters. I’ll probably read the next book though because it wasn’t that bad.

What Book Did You Discover Through a Film/TV Adaptation?


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I loved Ben Affleck in the movie, and I really really liked it. I also am one of the few people who actually appreciated the ending – I thought it couldn’t have been better! It was fun to read the book, but the suspense wasn’t really there any more since I watched the movie first, so I ended up liking the movie more.

Think of Your All Time Favorite Book(s) | When Did You Read Them and Why Did You Pick Them Up In The First Place?

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I used to live at my aunt’s house and we didn’t really have a lot of books (so my pastime back then was reading encyclopedias! I eventually read the whole set of the ones with lots of pictures and some of the typical ones, I touched EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.) around so when my mom brought a copy of Pride & Prejudice from abroad and it was bright orange and NOT an encyclopedia, I naturally picked it up and started reading it. I was probably 8 or 9 years old! I’ve since read it probably 4 more times.

And that’s how I choose my books!

And now I tag…

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And also YOU, if you want to do this tag!

Thanks for reading!

How do you choose your books?

What/who is the biggest influence on how you choose your next read?

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