Tag with Books!

Hi, it’s Peachy! I’m here with a new book tag (originally created by Zwartraafje).

The rules are simple… 

  • Once you’re tagged, the person who tagged you recommends 3 books they think you’d like!
  • Recommend 3 books to the person who tagged you!
  • Tag another person and recommend another 3 books to them!

Bree from In Love & Words tagged me, and recommended these 3 books (naturally I’ve already added them to my TBR! Thanks, Bree – excited to get to them when I get a hold of copies :D):


In return, here are 3 books I think Bree would like:

Asking for Trouble


This one’s the book that inspired one of my most favorite romcom movies, The Wedding Date starring Debra Messing and (the super GORGEOUS) Dermot Mulroney.

I just have a strong feeling Bree would like this one, too! It’s such a fun read! And it goes without saying, I also highly recommend the movie!


The Kiss Quotient



Well technically, this isn’t out yet till next month, but I REALLY REALLY think you’ll like this one, Bree!

The male lead is so swoonworthy, I can’t wait to write about him for my next #SwoonySaturdate post!



Ravishing in Red



I rarely read hardcore romance novels, because they’re rarely memorable for me, but this one’s the first novel of the Regency Romance quartet, Rarest Blooms – and the characters are quite captivating.

If you end up liking it – the next ones are Provocative in Pearls, Sinful in Satin, and Dangerous in Diamonds. I actually listened to this on audiobooks so I can vouch for those 😀


Hope you like these, and let me know whenever/if ever you read these 🙂

And now I tag…

Kelly from Another Book in the Wall!

And here are my 3 books for her:



A bit of a pleasant surprise, this one is a mix of sci-fi / dystopian / romance. Kelly reads a lot so she definitely has read a lot of the books I would have liked to recommend, but this one’s a little bit under the radar, but was really quite a pleasant and quick (a bit under 300 pages, if I remember correctly) read!





I know for a fact that Kelly hasn’t read this one yet since she mentioned it in How I choose my books tag post, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recommend it!! I’m not even a sci-fi fan, but this one is just AMAZING! I think that she will absolutely love it.




As for the fantasy genre, this is another one that doesn’t have a lot of buzz around it but TOTALLY deserves some attention. It has everything you could ever ask for in a fantasy read (details in my review) and since Kelly likes fantasy, I hope this one fits the bill.



Well, Kelly – let me know whenever / if ever you read these, I would love to hear your thoughts on them! Now, the ball’s in your court! 😉

Do you like recommending books to people?

How do you usually decide what books to recommend them?

Do you ever recommend books that you haven’t read, personally?

Sincerely Peachy (1)

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