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March 2018 Wrap-Up

It’s time for another wrap-up! Man, time flies – but at the same time, it crawls.

Here are the 8 books I read in March (you can also click on the titles to see my review!):



5 Stars

I really, really highly recommend this one – it’s out on April 17!

4.5 Stars

Anyone who enjoys characters like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter would be sure to love Elliott! I was surprised by how much I loved this one – I never wanted it to end!

4 Stars

Most definitely perfect for fans of superhero/villain stories, and nice plot twists. I’m so excited for the sequel!

However much you liked or didn’t like Daughter of the Pirate King, I don’t think this one will disappoint – too bad it’s the last book.

3 Stars

Liked Cinder by Marissa Meyer, I think you might like this one, too! Plus it’s so interesting to read about a robot’s thoughts/non-feelings. There’s also some LGBT romance (although that is kind of a spoiler, haha)

A dystopian world full of clones and one human among them? Yes, please 🙂 It actually makes for some interesting social studies, less romance than you’d expect from the cover and the title.

2 Stars

1 Star

Have you read any of these books?

What are some of your favorite March reads?

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