BOOK REVIEW: Renegades by Marissa Meyer

..what we do – what any of us do – it’s just a series of choices, right?

My synopsis: Nova Artino is most definitely not a hero. She grew up with a group of villains called the Anarchists – originally led by her uncle, Ace Anarchy/Alec Artino, who rescued her after she watched her family slaughtered by a villainous gang because the Renegades, the so-called heroes of the city, failed her and didn’t come in time. The Renegades defeated Ace Anarchy and took control of Gatlon City and very few Anarchists survived. Although the rest of the Anarchists are known to and monitored by the Renegades, Nova, codename Nightmare, is an unsolved mystery. 

Published November 2017

Genre: YA Fantasy, YA Scifi, YA Action/Adventure

Themes: superheroes, villains, superpowers, extraordinary abilities, heroism, politics, society, rivalry, revenge, justice, good, evil, bravery, courage

Series: Renegades #1

Upcoming sequel: Archenemies (Renegades #2)

Official Renegades Website – share theories/thoughts with other Renegades readers!!

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For those who grew up reading comics and/or watching DC/Marvel-inspired TV shows and movies, Renegades by Marissa Meyer is one read you’ll surely appreciate! It definitely doesn’t lack the elements/themes most people know and love about those: kickass superpowers, morally grey characters, good vs. evil themes – it even has its very own Gotham in the form of Gatlon City.  1

I didn’t really enjoy Renegades until well about the last 10%, mostly because I’m a mood reader and I was reading it for a book club, and I just was more in a contemporary mood at the time. I think it speaks very well for the book that I ended up loving it anyway towards the end.

The world was very built very well, but it was built gradually throughout the text (unlike Heart of Iron). What I had a harder time with was remembering the character’s names paired with their aliases – for the first quarter of the book, at least, I was flipping back and forth to the guide at the front!

Marissa Meyer created such interesting characters that aren’t black and white good or evil, considering the Renegades (superheroes) VS Anarchists (villains) theme. She creates an air of mystery all throughout and leaves a lot of room for theories and intrigue. Even the side characters and the relationships between them are one to watch out for, with little hints here and there as to their connection.

Though it’s definitely not the focus, I have to say I’m not too sold on the romance yet. There is an overall cheesiness/predictability/sort-of-instantaneous so I’m not super invested in?


Overall, if you enjoy reading about superheroes/villains, I definitely think this one’s a great read with that overarching theme! Also, I think anyone who likes guessing games are sure to enjoy this one! I honestly am super excited about the sequel (which is a surprise considering how long it took for me to get into book 1!!)

By the way, if you want to chat about it, comment below or DM me on IG or Twitter – I promise to fangirl with you!

Thanks for reading!! ❤ You’re always appreciated.

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OMG, who has read it? What do you think of that explosive ending?

Did you check out the official site (link above!) yet? What’s your alias/alter ego and superpower? Here’s mine!

Renegades Alter Ego

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    1. Yeah, hopefully. I kind of cringe every time it’s hinted at on this one… I mean there were a few adorable moments, but like I said, not invested in it. Is it just me or is there some sort of attraction between Nova and Phobia? I kind of ship them, tbh.

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