ARC REVIEW: Everybody, Always by Bob Goff (April 2018)

When joy is a habit; love is a reflex.


What happens when we stop worrying about a challenging world full of difficult people and instead simply love everybody? 

In the highly anticipated follow-up to the New York Times bestselling phenomenon Love Does, Bob Goff takes readers on an entertaining, life-altering journey into the secret of living without fear, care, constraint, or worry. 

When Love Does first appeared in 2012, Bob Goff was described as “the world’s best-kept secret.” Almost one million copies later, he is no longer a secret. But Bob never stops surprising, and in Everybody, Always, his eagerly awaited follow-up to Love Does, he reveals what happens when we stop worrying about a challenging world full of difficult people and instead simply love them: we discover the outsized, unfettered, liberated existence we’ve always dreamed of. 

Built around Bob’s hilarious and insightful storytelling, each chapter of Everybody, Always reveals a lesson Bob learned – often the hard way – about what it means to love without inhibition, insecurity, or restriction. From finding the exact right number of friends to discovering the upside of failure, Everybody, Always points the way to embodying love by doing the unexpected, the intimidating, the seemingly impossible. Whether he’s skydiving without shoes or befriending a Ugandan witch doctor, Bob steps into life with a no-limits embrace of others that is as infectious as it is extraordinarily ordinary. Everybody, Always reveals how you can do the same. 

To be published April 17, 2018

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Everybody, Always is a book with a powerful message – funny, heartwarming, tear-jerking, convicting, and insightful – Bob Goff writes another memorable masterpiece that emphasizes humanity at our best and at our worst.

Bob Goff writes not to preach, not tell a lesson, not to make you listen – he writes to tell very real stories, to commiserate with your failures and many faults, and most of all, to make you feel.

I really think that this is such an important book to read, especially today, when we are everyday bombarded with heartbreaking news of people hurting each other. Amidst all the pain, the suffering, the hate – we can choose to forgive, we can choose to love. WE CAN CHOOSE LOVE.

I really want to recommend this book to everyone – I hope it touches your life same as it did mine.

Thank you for reading! May your hearts be filled with so much love, there will be no more room for hate.

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Have you read Love Does? Are you planning to read Everybody, Always? 

What are some books that had a powerful message and touched your life?

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