My Guilty Pleasures: 30 Favorite RomComs

Hi! I thought I’d do something different today, and talk about something not exactly bookish.

One of my very many guilty pleasures are Romantic Comedies! You’d never guess my favorite romcom film buddy – my dad! He humors me, but also occasionally enjoys them. The really fun thing is really just the sarcastic and super snarky remarks we come up with while watching the films. Like, at this point, we can tell when the “It’s not you, it’s me” line is coming up. On the other hand, I also love watching Tagalog (Philippines) romcoms with my mom – maybe I’d make a list some other time for those!

I’ve been having fun doing those Insta Stories challenges lately, but I noticed that there aren’t a lot about movies (or at least I haven’t seen them around) – so I thought why not make on myself? So feel free to download and use the template (you don’t have to tag me, but I would love it if you do!)

Anyway, let me just talk a little bit about all those movies that made it to the list 😉

NOTE: Not listed in any sort of chronological order (except I do love the first one!!!!)

Also if you see a link, that’s because I have a short review of the film!

1. Letters to Juliet


This one’s got to be my most favorite romantic comedy – I’ve probably seen it at least 3 times (and I don’t really like rewatching stuff, just like I don’t like rereading stuff)

Amanda Seyfried as the Romantic

Christopher Egan as the Cynic

= Love-Hate Relationship + Undeniable Chemistry + Sexual Tension = TRUE LOVE ❤

2. 10 Things I Hate About You

An oldie, but a goodie. Except it’s pretty new to me. I only saw this a few years ago, and boy, did I feel bad about Heath Ledger! I mean, he could have made so many more movies like these, haha. I dig that voice.

And Julie Stiles killed this role, which is practically the model of almost all YA contemporary romance reads (the smart, snarky, intimidating, cool girl who is oblivious to her beauty)

I would wish for a reunion, except, you know, it’s impossible.

3. Leap Year

Amy Adams is easily one of my favorite actresses – I recently watched her in Trouble with the Curve (she played a lawyer and the daughter of Clint Eastwood) and she just created undeniable chemistry both with Clint Eastwood and Justin Timberlake! I also thought she made a perfect Lois Lane opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman!

And Leap Year is the movie that introduced me to this incredible and beautiful actress!

Amy plays a go-getter who doesn’t leave anything to chances – even her engagement! And Matthew Goode is the roguishly handsome happy-go-lucky guy. The chemistry between Matthew Goode and Amy Adams is definitely there, and I seriously think wish I can just rewatch this over and over again, as if it’s the first time.

4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Kate Hudson is, like, the queen of romcoms. You know she won’t lose the guy in 10 days, right?

Oh, how sweet, the discovery of Matthew McConaughey (can you believe I spelled this right on my first try?? Let me give myself a pat on the back.) – this guy is great! I think he’s my favorite leading man of Kate Hudson, so this is the romcom that made the list.

5. Pretty Woman 

Julia Roberts has the most ideal body type – it’s like zero percent fat! Plus she gets to be opposite sexy silver fox, Richard Gere. I don’t even remember him not having gray hair LOL, but he’s so sexy, it doesn’t matter. I really think he would have been a great James Bond too..

6. Runaway Bride

More Julia Roberts and Richard Gere so…

7. Sleepless in Seattle

I just saw this not too long ago, for the first time. I can understand why it’s one of the most beloved romcoms. I mean, you can never go wrong with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is the original RomCom queen. (I also loved Addicted to Love, which oddly didn’t make it to my list, I don’t want to decide what to take off and replace so I can add it, so let’s agree and leave it off!)

8. Win a Date with Ted Hamilton

Well, this is where I first saw Josh Duhamel, even though he’s technically not the main guy. But he’s so dreamy! He fits the role perfectly! And Topher Grace is handsome, in this dorky way. He’s like a less cool version of Justin Timberlake, LOL. Not that he’s not cool, but just because JT is WAY TOO COOL.

9. Bridget Jones Diary

Considered a classic by now right? And I like my British beaus.

10. Love Actually

A star-studded cast. I mean, I would have watched it with just Hugh Grant! I vow to rewatch in December this year!

11. Hitch

Loved the plot. Will Smith and Eva Mendes looked great onscreen. This one is just memorable to me because it’s one of the very few (maybe two or three) movies I’ve seen at the hotel, while on vacation. It was just on at the time, and it was great!

12. Just My Luck

How I miss Lindsay Lohan’s looks before she had all those stuff done to her face and to her body (or is it just the drugs?)… I considered her one of the best faces and body of Hollywood (and voice). She looked perfect in her Mean Girls and Herbie Fully Loaded days. But I’m glad her beauty is preserved through the movies, at least. Chris Pine’s just a very very welcome bonus. These two looked SO GOOD together! Granted, these two would have probably looked great with anyone else just as well.

13. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Well, this is the start of BRANGELINA right? I’m still secretly wishing their divorce will be announced to be off. I really need a life. I am way too invested in these Hollywood couples.

14. Silver Linings Playbook

Let me just say it: these two have sizzling chemistry onscreen and offscreen. Before there was JLaw and Chris Pratt, there was JLaw and Bradley Cooper (for a treat, watch Serena!)

I read the book too after I saw the movie and remembered enjoying it, mostly because I was visualizing JLaw and Bradley Cooper during all the scenes.

15. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Besides Renee Zellweger’s lovely and fun voice as narrator/Bridget Jones, who wouldn’t say yes to another helping of the two famous British beaus Hugh Grant and Colin Firth?

16. Notting Hill

Julia Roberts? Hugh Grant? Enough said.

17. La La Land

Besides the music, I have to say I was just really excited to see Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as an onscreen couple again since Crazy, Stupid Love. And that complicated Lovely Night dance number is perfect in so many ways.

18. Pride & Prejudice

Although everyone loves Colin Firth in the BBC miniseries, I have to say that I absolutely loved Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet. I couldn’t have imagined a better Elizabeth.

19. Emma

Gwyneth Paltrow was the perfect Emma! I didn’t really know who she was before this movie.

The movie is definitely well-made, but no 2-hr film can give justice to Austen’s genius.

20. Clueless

Besides the enviable wardrobe (and wardrobe app!) there’s so much to love about this classic, and I bet all the praises have been sung at this point…

And hey, it’s a modern adaptation of Emma, so that’s cool!

21. The Proposal

My first Ryan Reynolds, movie. Oh, his voice is so sexy. Sexy voice, CHECK. And he has a partially nude scene on this one? So, sexy body, CHECK! Great sense of humor, CHECK. Gorgeous face, CHECK. I mean this guy has everything going for him.

I mean I wouldn’t doubt it if the rumors of him and Sandra Bullock dating was real?

Truly though, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are THE PERFECT COUPLE. These two need to reunite onscreen (since they’re already a FOREVER couple offscreen), maybe in something better than Green Lantern, that even Ryan Reynolds couldn’t make better. I still remember my reaction when I found out they were getting married – oooh, he’s marrying the Green Lantern girl!

22. Dear John


One or two Nicholas Sparks novel-based films are bound to make it to this list, don’t you think. You can read more on what I think about the movie in the link above!

I have to say though, I still like Amanda Seyfried with Christopher Egan, more.

23. Princess Diaries: The Royal Engagement

Didn’t really read the book series, I think I tried one or two, but wasn’t too into contemporary then! I think I just outgrew the kind of stuff Meg Cabot writes about.

I totally added this because of Chris Pine (first Chris Pine movie, YAY!) I mean, the man is SO GOOD-LOOKING, oh those piercing blue eyes – the eyes I imagine whenever that phrase is used in any book I’m reading.

24. Bridget Jones’ Baby

All of the Bridget Jones films are on the list because honestly, they’re all perfect romcoms! This one retained the lightheartedness of the first two films and though I missed Hugh Grant, the addition of Patrick Dempsey’s charm is not something to complain about!

25. Something Borrowed


Beautiful cast, on this one! Before there was Superman’s Henry Cavill, there was Colin Egglesfield – he’s gorgeous! Tall, dark, and handsome.

And I think I’m supposed to hate Kate Hudson’s character as the second female lead, but it’s really hard to, because she’s gorgeous and has a dazzling smile.

I read the book, too, BTW! Great romcom read. And I’m still waiting on the movie sequel.

26. No Strings Attached

I have to say, this is the first movie I’ve seen Natalie Portman in (and Ashton Kutcher). I remember getting tired of hearing about the movie on Pandora. Little did I know how much I’ll love it later on.

I still remember that iconic “Period Mix” playlist Ashton’s character made for Natalie Portman – including Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love. I really don’t know whether to find it adorable or gross. I keep bleeding, I keep keep bleeding love. You cut me open. 

27. When In Rome

Watching this movie is really what made me add Rome to my list of places to go to. It’s that fountain – Fontana de Trevi – which it turned out, was just a replica of the real Fontana de Trevi.

This is also the first movie where I saw Kristen Bell (who we all now know as Frozen’s Princess Anna, pronounced AHN-na, with an A like the one in HAN SOLO) and her sweet, adorable self. And Josh Duhamel, need I say more? These two beautiful people look so good together.

28. Life As We Know It

This is pretty much just a result of me looking for some more romcoms starring Josh Duhamel (I discovered him through Win a Date with Ted Hamilton) and Katherine Heigl  – and both of them are on this one, so PERFECT! Such a cute plot this one, I don’t know between Josh, Katherine, and the baby – which is the cutest?

29. The Ugly Truth

Gerald Butler isn’t your typical handsome lead, but he has a very strong appeal onscreen and Katherine Heigl is one of my favorite romcom actresses – I think she’s very pretty, and I love her voice! I have this thing with people’s voices! And this romcom has the witty banter filled with sexual tension we all know and love 😉

30. Friends With Benefits

I have to say, I totally adore JT, and I’m kind of amazed how natural he is as an actor even though he is also a super incredible singer/musician and dancer. He just has this unbelievable swagger and I totally do not let go of any opportunities to feast my eyes on him.

Wish he had more movies, honestly!

…and that’s a wrap!

Let me know what you think and if you enjoyed this non-bookish post! I’ll try to do something like this once in a while, so if you have some requests/suggestions on what you want me to talk about, leave a comment below or get in touch some other way 🙂

Also, I can’t believe it’s only been 3 months since I started this blog, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the heartwarming support I’m getting from this community! I appreciate you all so much – all the likes, the comments, and the views! I can’t thank you enough, and I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it and how blessed I feel to be able to interact with you on this platform.

Truly, I feel the love.

Again, thank you so much! Have a great weekend, everybody!

What are some of your favorite romcoms not on this list?

Who are some of your favorite template designers on IG?

Do you have a template request?

Are you planning to use this template (don’t forget to tag me! I’d love to see how many you’ve checked )

Sending you my love! 

Sincerely Peachy (1)

19 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasures: 30 Favorite RomComs

      1. I will have to think and let you know! I know Lizzie McGuire is one I absolutely LOVE at the top of my head. It’s been a long working week, lol. I need to check out my movie collection this weekend to answer that. I have several go to’s. I’m a rewatcher.

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  1. Yes!! Oh!! I just remembered another one…A Cinderella Story with Chad Michael Murray 😀 The one with Selena Gomez is really cute too. ( I thought I wouldn’t like that but I’m a sucker for dance movies too.) Those were actually on my dresser. I will still take a look this weekend for more.

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      1. Yes! I just loved that movie so much. That’s cool! I also want to add 27 Dresses to this list. And the original Bring it On might be considered a romantic comedy. (I have half romantic comedy movies, then a lot of Disney movies, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and show DVDS.) You listed half of mine. I also like Nicholas Sparks but those are usually sappy romance, not romantic comedy.

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        1. Yep, definitely. Like I said, Katherine Heigl is great! I have to see Bring It On – it’s Kirsten Dunst right? I keep seeing it on my lineup but I have to be in the mood for a high school setup type…


  2. I love this post! Majority of these I absolutely love and will never get old to me. Ryan Reynolds is one of the best looking men I have ever seen. 😍Defiantly at the top of my list, haha. I agree with you about Colin from Something Borrowed. He is gorgeous! ❤️ I agree with the person above, The Holiday is one of my favorites! I rewatch it multiple times. So good. 💕

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