ARC REVIEW: #Prettyboy Must Die by Kimberly Reid

I’m a hacker, but even I realize real life isn’t so binary.

My synopsis: Teenage hacker and CIA agent Jack Morrow is undercover as Peter Smith at Carlisle Academy in Colorado – some sort of pity mission after failing an assignment in Ukraine. Without the glasses and shirt though, he’s insanely good-looking and when a stolen snapshot of him running went viral under #Prettyboy, both his life and cover is at stake. His Ukraine failure caught up to him and now even the entire school body is at risk and Jack has to keep his head cool so he can decide who he can trust, or if he can trust anyone at all…

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Published in February 13, 2018 by Tor Teen

eARC provided** by Macmillan-Tor/Forge on NetGalley

**in exchange for an honest opinion, note that quotations are made from an unproofed copy

Genre: YA Contemporary, YA Action & Adventure

Themes: lies, undercover spy, hacking, cyber skills, missions, friendships, trust, revenge, national security, hostage situations

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this one isn’t out yet, but is available to pre-order for April 24, 2018

#PrettyboyMustDie is a quick lighthearted read. It has likable enough characters. There are some nice surprises, although it mainly feels unoriginal and definitely forgettable. The villains actually turn out to be more interesting than the main protagonist, and the romance felt a little too forced, in most moments – but I did find one sweet moment towards the end that I liked!

I knew you were a guy who – for the three hours we were on the date, at least – made me forget I was on a mission. Made me forget I am a covert operative, forget all the bad I’ve seen. With you, Petah Smith, I was just a girl who really liked a boy.

Overall, I’m not really recommending this… I enjoyed it, but I am fairly sure I would quickly forget it – it just didn’t make lasting impressions on me. But if you’re thinking of picking this up – PLEASE consider picking up Trouble Is A Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly instead (you can click the covers above!). It’s actually one of my favorite contemporary reads, it’s funny and witty and just a lot of fun!

Thank you!

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