BOOK REVIEW: 99 Days By Katie Cotugno

This is the part where we talk about what specks we are compared to the universe […]

To being specks.

My summary: After a publicized scandal in her junior year, Molly Barlow ran away to a boarding school. Senior year has come and gone, it’s summer and Molly is back in town for 99 days. She only needs to get through 99 days but that’s easier said than done when she has to deal with the repercussions of her past behavior and some new complications with the Connelly siblings. 

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Published in 2015

Genres: YA Contemporary, YA Romance

Themes: romance, friendships, sibling rivalry, summer, running, future, college, relationships, betrayal, scandal, double standards, honesty, choices, brothers, secrets, first love, reputation, gossip

Sequel (May 2018): 


Similar to Jenny Han’s Summer Trilogy (read my review of the series here!!):

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Sadly, let me break it to you early on, this isn’t such a cute contemporary read – it’s not fluffy or amusing. Our female main character, Molly Barlow, isn’t someone you want to root for, let alone is she someone you want to be your friend. When I say she is flawed – that is a HUGE understatement – her mopey-ness beats Bella of New Moon, she keeps acting like the underdog but also keeps knowingly making wrong decisions even after realizing it will hurt other people (and no, she cannot blame the alcohol)!!

The only thing that makes me like 99 Days is that I learned the word “petrichor” – apparently that word exists – it’s that earthy scent of the rain that everyone likes to describe but nobody knows how to name.

And then also this quote about double standards:

Equal opportunity hate, or no hate at all.

I just wish I didn’t end up disliking Molly so much – equal or not, I just can’t bring myself to say she didn’t deserve all the hate.

You’re okay, too, for a speck..

As for the romance… ugh – was there really one? At the end of it all, I felt cheated because it turned out everything was fake?

I don’t want to spend any more time hating on a book so here’s my final verdict: if after reading all that, a part of you still want to pick up this book, do me a favor and pick up Jenny Han’s Summer trilogy instead.

I’ll thank you later 😉

99 Days, love it or hate it?

What are some of your favorite summer romances? 

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3 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: 99 Days By Katie Cotugno

  1. Have not read this, but I’ve been meaning to read the Summer Trilogy. Sorry you didn’t enjoy this book. It does sound really interesting and I think I added this on my Goodreads TBR… Don’t you just get bummed when a book you think you’ll love turns out not so great?!? I guess that’s one less book for me haha. I mean if Summer Trilogy is similar and better, then I rather just invest my time on that. Plus, I already adore Jenny Han’s writing so it’s a win win.

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